【Pre-order】Qualia – ストレッチするモアイ マスコットフィギュア2 (摩艾伸展操公仔 P2) (4589795376379)【***預購只設順豐運費到付/門市取貨/港鐵站取貨】【滿額即止】


【預購只設「門市取貨」、「港鐵站取貨」、「順豐運費到付」 Only “in-store pickup” / “Pickup in MTR Station” / ship by SF-Express】
【預購只限香港、澳門 Only accept Hong Kong & Macau pre-order】


貨號: 不提供 分類: ,


▉ 截訂日期 Deadline:滿額即止

▉ 日本推出日期 JP Release Date: April 2023 (此不是實際到貨月份,如未能等待請勿預購)

▉ 生產商 Manufacturer:Qualia

▉ 官方定價 MSRP:300円 (税抜)

▉ Code:JAN 4589795376379



港鐵站取貨:無須在結帳頁面揀選日期時間,到貨會發出電郵通知(同時會在 Facebook 、Instagram 、Twitter 、MeWe 公佈),只需在此時候回覆「到貨通知電郵」作預約





① 請選擇 - Order Type 下單類別 :

Pre-order 預購

② 請選擇 - Specification 規格 :

Set Of 4, Set Of 5, Set Of 6, Set Of 7, Set Of 8, Set Of 9, Set Of 10, Set Of 3

③ 請選擇 - Deposit 訂金

Full Pay 付款全額

Step Of Pre-order

● Step 1 : 拍下預購貨品,建立訂單 ( 如只加入購物車不按下下單結帳是不會建立訂單 )

● Step 2 : 預購階段繳付訂金 ( 訂單上有顯示金額 )

● Step 3 : 請必須於 2日内﹙下單當天已計算為1天﹚上傳入數記錄

【Attention 注意】

● 如截訂日後才預訂均列作候補名單,不一定百分之百有貨
(The order will be in waiting list after deadline. There is not guaranteed.)

● 截訂日後才預訂,請先聯絡本公司查詢是否仍然可預訂
(If you are interested after deadline, please contact us first.)

Attention 注意事項

● All packing of bag / carton / box are wholesale price. 原袋 / 原箱 / 原盒預訂均為批發價
● There is not allowed order cancel. 任何已拍下預訂貨品,不論有否交付訂金,均不可取消相關預訂訂單
● All bag / carton / box of products are packed by Manufacturer. There have not any information of probability distribution. 任何扭蛋類 / 盒蛋類 / 官方設定以隨機方式銷售,官方均不會透露各款式數量分佈
● All release date will be late / early. 實際推出/到貨有機會延遲/提早
● Please deposit before deadline. 截訂日期或之前入指定金額訂金
● All deadine may be late / early. There is not any notice if it change. 如提早/延遲截訂,恕不通知
● If probability distribution is not good, there will be allocated by the sending deposit record time. 如配率不平均,或數量不足,將按先後次序分配
● If pre-order product is cancelled, there will be returned full deposit. 如預訂數目不足,將取消有關預訂/入貨決定,本店會退回有關貨品之全數訂金(不設額外賠償)
● All shipping fee will count after arrival. 預訂貨品如選擇郵寄,郵費均到貨時計算,或順豐運費到付

● The picture above is for reference only. The real object should be considered as final. 所有圖片只供參考,一切以實物為準
Details of Payment, Terms and Conditions, Pickup 付款方式/條款及細則/取貨詳情
● Goods are non-exchangeable, non-returnable and non-refundable. 不設退換及退款
● All capsule toy will be taken out capsule. If not, there will be remark. 所有扭蛋產品到貨後均會拆除扭蛋殼,特別列明除外,不得異議
● Please read the terms and conditions of this website (These “Terms and Conditions“) carefully before entering this website. By using this website, you are deemed to have agreed to all the terms and conditions and any amendments thereto from time to time. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, please do not use this website. 受「條款及細則」約束